Our Company, RBN Auto Dealers Limited was established in May of 2004 and was involved in purchasing of roll on roll off vehicles wholesale from registered dealers locally. Due to our professional services which lead to the great success in sales our company moved forward and became registered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry one year later in May of 2005 to import and provide used vehicles to Trinidad and Tobago .

As of that time we have been importing quality pre-owned vehicles from Japan. We do not purchase vehicles from various suppliers. Our company has developed a strong business relationship with two main suppliers in Japan that conducts all our exports of vehicles. The main reason for this is due to the 100% in sales they get from us they are able to provide us with better prices and quality due to the quantity of units purchased. Our suppliers are very familiar with the quality of units we purchase. They do not need to be reminded that all units must be:

  1.     Accident Free
  2.     Low mileage
  3.     In very good mechanical and electrical working condition and
  4.     Defect free with no body rusting of the vehicle.

RBN Auto Dealers Limited operates with at very modest staff level. Because of this strategy we are able to provide our vehicles at lower prices than our competitors. None of our cutting cost ever affects the quality of our vehicles or services. Every customer is treated professionally and is satisfied to the best of our ability. All vehicles are treated with the same respect of our personal vehicles. When vehicles are cleared from the Port a strict maintenance check is performed. They are then stored in either of our garages or warehouse which is situated at the same compound. No units are ever park outdoors beating the sun, dew and rain. When you view a unit at our garage all that needs to be done is a final exterior wash and it’s ready for delivery.

This will ensure that you see exactly what you are paying for and exactly what has been done to the vehicles. There are no unfilled promises after you pay your money, in that your eyes can guarantee that you are getting exactly what we say we are providing. All of the above is a small history of how we are able to sell quality guaranteed vehicles at very competitive prices. We do look forward to seeing you.