After a vehicle has been cleared from the port they undergo the following services before being delivered to you the customer


Mechanical Service


  1. Changing of all under hood fluid (engine ,transmission ,brake, power steering, coolant)

  2. Changing of all filters ( engine, transmission, fuel, air.)

  3. Check and adjust or replace brake shoes or Disc pads

  4. Inspection on all suspension parts for defects (shocks, Joints, Ends, Bushings etc.)

  5. Diagnosis of fault codes

  6. Inspection or replace spark Plugs and coil packs

  7. Inspection of all belts, hoses. Engine mounts, etc.


Electrical Service


  1. Inspection for any defective bulbs, fuses etc.

  2. Inspection for faulty wiper, Power windows, power mirrors, power locks cd players etc.

  3. Inspection for faulty Battery and Alternator charging rate.


If any of our units have any LARGE noticible scratch or dent which could occur during shipping and handling they will be properly repainted by our professional garage at the company expense.

Cleaning(Final Preparation For Delivery)


  1. Buffing and polishing

  2. Engine Wash

  3. Complete interior cleaning of seats and upholstering

  4. Vacuum


RBN Auto Dealers Limited does not employ part-time or semi-trained individuals to service our vehicles. All of our vehicles are service by licensed professional garages and other services companies. We rather let the professionals do the job that they were trained to do.


After sales service 
This is provided through professional garages which are associated with us. We also provide parts and accessories as a service to our customers if they cannot be sourced locally.