Q. After making a down payment or after u have gotten the approval from the bank how long does it take you to license the vehicle.


A. The vehicle is registered within 3-5 working days and the certify copy is received within 3 days after registration.
However sometimes due to over crowding of vehicles at licensing office may cause a delay by only 1 week.


Q. After the 3 months warranty is up and if I am having difficulty finding a part for my vehicle would u be able to assist me.


A. Any part needed can be source by us locally or internationally. They can also be source either new part or foreign used.


Q. Do you provide private financing


A. No However we can schedule an appointment directly with of loans officer at our financial institutions.


Q. Do you provide trade in's


A. No, However we will be more than willing to help advertise a vehicle for a purchasing customer.


Q. If I want a special vehicle that's isn't in stock can u locate it and how long does it take for me to have it.


A. Any Japanese make of vehicle can be sourced by us. It takes from the date of departure from Japan to Trinidad an average of 35 days . We take an additional week to clear and prepare vehicle for delivery.

On Order : This means the unit is available but is still in its country of origin and can be ordered.

In stock Available: Means that’s this unit is inTrinidad and is in RBN Auto showroom and is still available for sale

In Transit: Means unit have left its country or origin and on its way to Trinidad and is also available for sale.

Reserve: Down-payment has been made on this Unit. It's reserve for someone.

Sold: Vehicle was sold from RBN Showroom but a unit like this can be ordered if desired.

In Trinidad: Units are in the Trinidad Port awaiting clearance. Clearing procedures normally takes 5 working days.